Service we find very important. Excellent service is the basis for a unique experience. We pay a lot of attention to our customers. We want you tiring with patchwork text. You come for the unique experience. However, we would like to inform optimally from one central point the most important aspects of our service. Do you have further questions? You can reach us by phone on 06 49834106 or by e-mail ( and you will be helped as soon as possible. About service!

When will my tickets be sent? 
Your tickets will be as soon as possible (and no later than 3 days before the event) sent to the address you provided. In some cases tickets will also be sent as E-tickets. The expected delivery date is also mentioned in the booking confirmation that you have received by email. On time of shipment you will automatically receive an email confirming the shipment.

Why is there a different name on my tickets? 
TicketPlace is a reseller of tickets for various events. We buy tickets in through a large network of suppliers. The tickets that you have received, have already been resold. The name you see on a map, is the name of the original purchaser. This person has their tickets to us sold. The data of the first buyer must be on the map. Each tickets has a unique bar code, with which the validity of the tickets and your access to the event is guaranteed.

Why is there a different price on the tickets than what I paid for it? 
TicketPlace is a reseller of tickets for various events. We buy tickets in through a network of reliable suppliers. This means that the price you paid for your tickets has been established by market forces, and we count on our purchase price a mark-up. Because our purchase price is often higher than the cost of the ticket, is our selling price is also higher. The price that you paid reflects the cost and hassle of getting the tickets. It can also happen that tickets for a less popular event are offered cheaper with us than the original cost.

Why do I receive copies of a ticket? 
For many concerts and events are now e-tickets issued. E-tickets are digital tickets, which often are sent by email. The original e-tickets are printed out by us and we use a black and white printer. The tickets that you received the printed valid version of your e-tickets. This printed tickets you should take them to the event. Of course we guarantee that each ticket is printed only once and you will receive valid tickets with unique barcodes that control access to the concert, sporting event or theatre performance is guaranteed. On the tickets you received is typically printed a different name than your own. This is because of the fact that TicketPlace are a reseller of the tickets. We buy tickets in through a large network of suppliers. The tickets that you have received, have already been resold. The name you see on a map, is the name of the original purchaser. This person has their tickets to us sold. The data of the first buyer must be on the map. Each tickets has a unique bar code, with which the validity of the tickets and your access to the event is guaranteed.

How do I know that my e-ticket is valid? 
TicketPlace only provides original and thus valid E-tickets for concerts, shows and other events. The E-tickets will be delivered by us in the original state. This means that in many cases the original cost still on the E-ticket is listed and also the name of the original purchaser. The ascription of the E-ticket you received does not detract from the validity of your E-ticket. The unique barcode (s), which are printed on every E-ticket will give you access to the event. Do you still have questions about the E-tickets you received? Please always contact TicketPlace only. Our customer service will be pleased to help you.

What happens if an event for which tickets I have purchased is moved? 
If the event for which you purchased tickets, you will receive an e-mail with information about Tickets of Easy movement and the possible consequences. In many cases, your tickets remain valid for the new date and you can attend the event on the new date. If you are on prevents the new date as soon as possible then we kindly ask you to contact our customer service. In the event that you hear of a possible displacement elsewhere, without having received information from us, please contact our customer service. We will then initiate the above process for you.

What happens if an event is cancelled? 
In the exceptional case that an event is cancelled, you will receive an e-mail with information about the Tickets Easy cancellation and you (with the exception of a bankruptcy of the organiser) are entitled to a refund of the amount of the tickets minus an administration fee € 7.50 per ticket.

I want to cancel my order, is that possible? 
No. As stated in the general terms and conditions, it is not possible to cancel an already placed and paid reservation. There tickets fall under "time-based" or leisure products is the right of withdrawal does not apply to the (online) purchase of tickets. If you have purchased tickets and would like to make here no longer uses, we recommend that you sell the tickets by yourself.

I want to change an already placed order, is that possible? 
It is of course always possible to your specified delivery address to change your booking if your tickets not yet on its way to you. If you want to change your details, please contact our customer service. Change of address we receive preferably by email to avoid any misunderstanding. Changing the order itself (for example, to another event or date) is only possible in consultation with our customer service. If you wish to change your order, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. They will then work with you to see what is possible.

I have no confirmation of received my order, what now? 
If you have placed a reservation at TicketPlace, but have received no confirmation email within 10 minutes on your specified email address, we recommend that you verify the booking confirmation is not in your Spam filter. If this is not the case as soon as possible, we recommend that you contact our customer service. You can do this by email ( or by phone. Our customer service will then work with you to see if there might be something went wrong during the order and directly to this action. If there is nothing wrong have gone during the order itself, then we will email you your booking confirmation immediately. Usually it is not necessary to have a new order. At the time you after finishing your payment on our "thank you" page and an order number, your reservation is final. Even if you don't have a booking confirmation by email is received, but the payment is managed is your order final. We recommend for this reason always first contact our customer service before you make a new booking.

Where do I exactly? 
If you have tickets for a specific box, row number or rank ordered, of course, you will receive tickets in this category. The allocation of seats within a category will be determined on the basis of entry of your completed order. This means that it is unfortunately not yet possible to when placing your order to choose an exact place within a category. Tickets are guaranteed per twin and triplets next to each other. Exact seat numbers are not known beforehand.

Are my seats next to each other? 
TicketPlace strives to all seats within one reservation next to each other. Experience shows that in most cases no problem, provided it is not to reservations is going for a high number of tickets. TicketPlace guarantees that all seats be provided next to each other always per twin or triplets. TicketPlace delivers in no circumstances loose tickets, unless explicitly stated otherwise. We guarantee that no one in a group only. In unfortunate cases, it is sometimes not possible than that your tickets are not next to each other. We will of course ensure that the seats as close as possible to one another. Fortunately, however, this is an exception and we are pretty much for all reservations in the tickets next to each other.

I see seats in (for example) box 102/111, what does that mean? 
If you reserve seats for a specific box (for example, box 102/111), then you will be given seats in or 102 or 111 box box depending on the availability of the tickets in both boxes. Do you have a strong preference for one of these courses, please contact our customer service as early as possible. We will then work with you to see what is possible. Of course we aim to get places within a booking as much as possible, to place next to each other and we never loose seats unless explicitly specified for the order.

Why can't I order tickets for some events only even numbers? 
For some concerts, performances or other events you can at TicketPlace order tickets just numbers. This has to do with the currently available ticket offer for that specific event. TicketPlace strives to be the number of tickets a reservation next to each other as much as possible. For the target event we can guarantee at that time only seats in pairs next to each other. In the case there in small amount of even number of tickets available, that you also only even numbers of tickets. This way we can guarantee that with every booking your Chair standing next to each other and we no loose places left.

What is a reseller of tickets? 
A reseller of tickets is a ticket provider that traded tickets already sold. A reseller of tickets is not the first (primary) provider (promoter or organizer) of the ticket.

What is a resold ticket? 
A resold ticket is a ticket whose buyer on TicketPlace not the first purchaser of the ticket.

Why can't I have a reservation for tickets on TicketPlace before the official for sale of an event has started? 
TicketPlace connects buyers and sellers of tickets. We order our tickets through a reliable network of contacts and can therefore also before the official sale date guarantee your booking. This does not mean that TicketPlace your tickets already in hands, but that you have a guaranteed reservation places so TicketPlace for you the tickets settles after it officially in the sales have gone.

Do you also sell wheelchair places? 
TicketPlace offers no special wheelchair-and tutors. To do this, you can feel the best turn to the location where the event takes place.

I want to cancel within the cooling-off period, how do I do that? 
Unlike other online purchases, there is no legal withdrawal period of application when buying tickets for concerts, sports and theater. On the basis of the distance selling contract so you can cancel your purchase. The buying and selling of tickets falls under the exception clause as laid down in article 7:46i Member 3BW who sees on time-based products. In respect of these time-based products is provided that they (because of their time-based character) is not returned. You can read this on the website of the Consumer Authority.

Which payment methods provides TicketPlace? 
At TicketPlace you can pay your order in several ways. The most widely used and by many customers as the most pleasant method of payment is the payment via iDEAL. For this, you need your debit tickets and your digital reader at hand. In addition, we accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, VISA and American Express. Depending on how your credit tickets at your credit tickets company may for a payment by credit tickets also your pin or password at hand. You can also pay in cash at our address if you choose to come to collect the tickets with us. You can also the payment via a ' normal ' bank transfer. You can choose this option during the order process and you will get after an email from us with all the details for the transfer of the payment by bank.

Can I also pay by direct debit or direct debit? 
Unfortunately it is not possible to your order via direct debit or direct debit to pay. Now we offer the possibility to your order with iDEAL, by bank transfer or by credit cards.

How do I sell tickets? 
In the unlikely event that you are unable to attend an event to attend? Don't worry, you can buy your tickets for sale to TicketPlace. Via an email you can specify the tickets in your possession and would like to sell. The customer service strives to answer your request within 3 working days.

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